Services We Offer

Halo Skin Spa offers state of the art, collagen producing skin treatments conveniently located in the heart of Mission Valley. Our skin is shaped by collagen produced organically in our bodies and a loss in collagen causes a number of undesirable skin issues as we age. Stimulating the growth of collagen helps to reverse damage caused by collagen loss and to slow down the rate of collagen loss, allowing your youthful self to shine through.

Cryo Therapy

For stubborn fat pockets and cellulite, Cryo T-Shock EMS treatments offer individuals an effective and non-invasive means for getting rid of unwanted fat.

Plasma Fibroblast

A minimally invasive procedure that produces exceptional tightening of the skin and regeneration of collagen without surgery.

AAPE® Stem Cell Therapy

AAPE employs Stem Cell therapy to the fullest by acting as protein messengers to change, rearrange, or repair the local tissues rapidly and significantly by extracting from stem cells.

EMS Sculpt

The first FDA-cleared energy device approved to burn fat and build muscle mass.